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The purpose of this documentation is to outline the processes and requirements associated with Unemployment Insurance Reporting & Payments to the proper authorities in the state of Illinois.

Unemployment Insurance Reporting & Payments

The Rules of the Illinois Department of Employment Security (56 Ill. Code 2760.140) require that employers with 25 or more employees during the prior calendar year file their Quarterly Employer’s Contribution and Wage Report (UI 3/40) electronically on the MyTax Illinois website.

Employers with fewer than 25 employees, can use the UI 3/40 Employer's Contribution and Wage Reporting form. 

Whether you have fewer than 25 employees or more than 25 employees, filing due dates for the UI 3/40 electronic and paper forms are:

QuarterMonths In QuarterDue Date
1st QuarterJanuary - MarchApril 30th 
2nd QuarterApril - JuneJuly 31st
3rd QuarterJuly - SeptemberOctober 31st
4th QuarterOctober - DecemberJanuary 31st

Also, Pursuant to Public Act 97-0689, employers with a cumulative total of 25 or more employees in the prior calendar year are required to submit monthly wage reports electronically.

Employers will continue to submit quarterly contribution and wage reports as outlined in the above schedule, but you will also submit eight additional MONTHLY wage reports per year as outlined in the below schedule.

  • Monthly Reports are filed electronically through MyTax Illinois only, the Department's online tax filing/wage reporting application. 

  • Monthly Reports are required for the first and second months of each quarter: January and February; April and May; July and August; October and November.

  • Please Note: There is NOT a manual entry option for the monthly wage reports.

  • Your monthly wage reports should contain only employee names, social security numbers, and each employee’s total wages for the period being reported.

  • Unemployment insurance contributions are not calculated or remitted.

  • Failure to submit in an electronic format through MyTax Illinois will result in a penalty.

Reporting MonthFirst Date of Upload Eligibility
Final Date of Timely Report 
Without Penalty
Final Date of Report
With Penalty
JanuaryJanuary 16thFebruary 28th/29thMarch 31st
FebruaryFebruary 16thMarch 31st
April 30th 
(Include resubmission data within the Qtrly report.)
April 16th
May 31st
June 30th
MayMay 16th
June 30th
July 31st
(Include resubmission data with the Qtrly report)
JulyJuly 16thAugust 31stSeptember 30th
AugustAugust 16thSeptember 30th
October 31st
(Include resubmission data with the Qtrly report)
OctoberOctober 16thNovember 30thDecember 30th
NovemberNovember 16thDecember 31st
October 31st
(Include resubmission data with the Qtrly report)

Good to Know!

The last month of the quarter should be submitted as a part of the quarterly reports only.


If you are unable to file your quarterly and/or monthly report on time, you may request a quarterly and/or a monthly filing extension, which must be received on or before the filing due date.

To obtain an extension, send an email with your account number, the quarter and year, or the month and year of your request to extend to: [email protected].

Quarterly Extensions: If your extension request is granted, you will have an additional 30 days to file your QUARTERLY report

Monthly Extensions: If your request is granted, you will have an additional 15 days to file your MONTHLY report. 

    Good to Know!

    The 2020 taxable wage base for Illinois is $12,740. The New Employee Rate is 3.125%.