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The purpose of this documentation is to outline the processes and requirements associated with reporting new hires in the state of Alabama. 

New Hire Reporting

All employers are required to report each newly hired or recalled employee to the Alabama Department of Labor. The information must be furnished within seven days from the date of hire or reemployment. Employers reporting electronically may transmit twice monthly, not less than twelve days nor more than sixteen days apart. A newly hired employee is a employee who 1.) has not previously been employed by the employer or 2.) was previously employed by the employer but has been separated from such employment for at least 60 consecutive days. 

You will need the following information for each new hire:

  • Employee's Name

  • Employee's Address

  • Employee's Social Security Number

  • First Day of Work 

  • Whether or not the employee was newly hired or recalled to work

You can report new hires in several ways. If you employe 5 or more employees, you are required to report new hires electronically. You can do so by registering with the Alabama New-Hire Electronic Filing System. Once there, click register here

If you employ fewer than 5 employees, you can also use the Alabama New-Hire Electronic Filing System. You also have the option to mail or fax the employee's W-4 to the address below. The W-4 must contain all the information contained in the list above. 

Alabama Department of Labor

Attn: New Hire Clerk

649 Monroe Street, Room 3203

Montgomery, AL 36131

Fax: (334) 206 6020

For further information, please refer to the New Hire Quick Facts, the Frequently Asked Questions, or the Reporting Requirements pages on the Alabama Department of Labor website. You can also contact the department at (334) 206 6020 or [email protected]