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Important Walmart Connector Changes

08/23/2019 15:54:49 In News & Info
If you're using Hibou's Walmart Connector, you need to upgrade immediately!

Payroll by Badges

07/29/2019 18:14:11 In HR & Payroll
Let your employees know you value their development by granting badges that pay!

State of Odoo Payroll 2019

02/11/2019 19:53:16 In HR & Payroll
Improvements and Migrations for running US Payroll in Odoo.

Federal Income Tax Withholding 2018

01/18/2018 22:34:16 In HR & Payroll
New table rates and withholdings for 2018.

Odoo HR & Payroll Repository

12/31/2017 21:21:10 In News & Info
Consolidating several Hibou repositories into one.