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The purpose of this documentation is to outline the processes and requirements associated with doing your new hire reporting in the state of Massachusetts. 

    New Hire Reporting

    Employers must report newly hired employees and independent contractors within 14 days of the employee's first day of work.

    You will need the following information:

    • Your company's FEIN, legal name, and payroll address.

    • The new hire's full name, mailing address, and work status.

    • The new hire's SSN and name, as shown on their Social Security card.

    • The new hire's first day of employment.

    To submit online, go to MassTaxConnect. If you don't already have a login, create one by clicking Create my username.

    Otherwise, use the form to Logon.

    Once you're logged in, select Submit Reports under the I want to section, then click Go.

    From there, you'll select the reporting method you prefer.

    You can also submit the New Hire Reporting Form by fax to (617) 376-3262 or by mail to 

    Massachusetts Department of Revenue

    P.O. Box 55141

    Boston, MA 02205

    For more information, visit the Report New Hires section on the website.