Inventory : Inventory Modules | Hibou Suite

Hootworth Modules for the Odoo Inventory App

The following Inventory Modules for Odoo are available through Hibou Suite. Please see the documentation for instructions, usage, and compatible versions.

Landed Costs Average

Calculate products costs including landed costs, on average.

Partner Shipping Accounts

Records shipping account numbers for selected carriers on Contact (partner) records in the "Sales & Purchases" tab of Odoo 14. 

Available for Carriers:
- Partner Shipping Accounts - DHL
- Partner Shipping Accounts - FedEx
- Partner Shipping Accounts - UPS

Product Catch Weight

Allows you to account for differences in ordered weight vs. expected weight, which is quite common in the food industry.

Reorder Rules Per Warehouse

Extends the stock scheduler compute wizard to allow running on-demand per-warehouse.

Allows you to send your shipments through and track them online.

Warehouse Delivery Routes

Allows you to define delivery routes per warehouse and then select those routes on a sale or delivery order. You can define warehouse routes on the Customer or Customer's Delivery address to pre-select the delivery route.