Inventory : Operations: Transfers: Understanding Transfer Statuses


This document covers the different Transfer Statuses in the Inventory application of Odoo 16, and is intended to help understand each of them.


To get started, navigate to the Inventory app. 


From the overview, click Receipts

Because inbound stock auto-reserves, a receipt will generally be in either a Ready or Done state. When the stock  arrives, it only needs to be validated and moved to its destination location. 

Internal Transfers

From the Overview, click Internal Transfers.

From the list view,   Group By > Status.

Next is the Cancelled state. This is simply a transfer that has been cancelled, which can be done from the transfer itself, or from the sale order so long as no part of the transfer has been completed. 

Then is the Waiting state. A waiting status means one or more products is waiting availability. This can occur when waiting on products to reach your warehouse, waiting for all products to be ready if your picking policy is set to "Ship when all products are ready," or if you are waiting for products to be manufactured. 

Odoo • Text and Image

The next state is Done. These are transfers that have been completed.  A transfer automatically becomes done upon validation of the transfer. 

Next is the Waiting Another Operation state. This state indicates that there is a chained number of events or records that must be completed for the transfer to reserve inventory. Some products have routes that are set to Manufacture or Replenish on Order (MTO), which means the related manufacturing order must be completed in order for the transfer to recognize and reserve goods for it. As in the picture below, a transfer can also be Waiting Another Operation if the products involved are waiting on a manufacturing order to be completed before it can be delivered.. 

Last is the Draft state. A draft is a not-yet-confirmed, manually created transfer. Click the MARK AS ToDo button will move the transfer to a waiting state.