Accounting: Accounting Modules | Hibou Suite

Hootworthy Modules for the Odoo Accounting App

The following Accounting Modules for Odoo are available through Hibou Suite. Please see the documentation for instructions, usage, and compatible versions.

Account Invoice Change

Allow users to change the Salesperson, Invoice Date, and Accounting Date on an invoice.

Account Invoice Change - Analytic

Allow users to change the analytic account on all invoice lines and subsequent documents.

Forte Payment Acquirer

Accept Forte payments on your Odoo database.

Invoice Margin

Displays margin calculation on invoices. If the invoice line is associated with a sale order line, the cost will then come from the sale order line.

Payment Analytic

Add an analytic account directly to your payments. Documentation

Payment Disperse

Allow users to pay multiple invoices or vendor bills at once and manually disperse the amount paid per invoice.

Timesheet Invoice

Adds timesheet descriptions to the reports/PDFs of invoices, giving your customers a list of the exact work that was completed based on the service product ordered.

US WA State Sales Tax API

This module integrates the WA State Sales Tax API for use with fiscal positions.