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The purpose of this documentation is to outline the use case and processes associated with Hibou's Stamps.com Shipping module. This module allows you to send your shippings through Stamps.com and track them online.

Getting Started

First thing's first, we want to install the module! Navigate to the Apps application and search 'Stamps.com'. When ready, hit the install button.

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  Good to Know!

The Stamps.com Shipping module requires the Delivery Costs module. However, if you do not already have this module installed Odoo will install it for you during this module's installaiton.


To get started, navigate to the Inventory application.

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Creating a Delivery Method with Stamps.com

Once there select Configuration followed by Delivery Methods. Here we will find a list of delivery methods. To make a new one, hit the Create button.

Enter a name for the Shipping Method and select 'Stamps.com (USPS) from the Provider selection. Once Stamps.com has been selected, a new Integration Level field will be added and the 'Pricing' tab will become a Stamps.com Configuration tab.

  • Integration Level: 'Get Rate' to just get the rate when the delivery order is validated. 'Get Rate and Create Shipment' will get the rate and also send the shipping information to the shipper when the delivery order is validated.

  • Stamps.com Integration ID: Stamps.com-assigned integration ID. This value is given to the integrator when licensed to create an integration.

  • Stamps.com Username: Username of user logging in or for whom the web method is being called.

  • Stamps.com Password: Password of user.

  • Service Type: USPS Service Type (Priority or First Class)

  • Default Package Type: The type of package like Letter, Flat Rate or Package. Note that these will need to be created, as seen in the next section below.

  • Image Type: The file type of the image used in your label

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When finished, hit the Save button.

Creating a Default Package Type

At the bottom of the Default Package Type dropdown select Create and Edit.... A form modal will pop up with various fields:

  • Package Type: The type of package like Letter, Package, etc.

  • Height: The height in inches and tenths of an inch

  • Width: The width in inches and tenths of an inch

  • Length: The length in inches and tenths of an inch

  • Max Weight: Maximum weight shippable in this packaging

  • Barcode: The barcode used for packaging identification

  • Package Code

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 When finished, hit the Save button.


This module incorporates the Stamps.com API. The `product.packaging` model has two new additions: Stamps.com on the `package_carrier_type` selection field and a boolean field `stamps_cubic_pricing` that can be selected to use the Stamps.com cubic pricing.

The `delivery.carrier` model receives Stamps.com in the `delivery_type` selection field as well as the following new fields:

  • `stamps_integration_id` Char field for the Stamps.com Integration ID

  • `stamps_username` Char field for the Stamps.com username

  • `stamps_password` Char field for the Stamps.com password

  • `stamps_service_type` Selection field with 'First-Class' and 'Priority' options

  • `stamps_default_packaging_id` Many2one field for the Default Package Type

  • `stamps_image_type` Selection field to indicate the Image Type

The Delivery Carrier Form receives a new 'Stamps.com Configuration' tab which is only visible when Stamps.com is the chosen delivery type. It adds all of the new `delivery_carrier` fields listed above that are needed for the Stamps.com API integration.

The `stamps_cubic_pricing` field is added to the product packaging delivery form.