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Per-Partner Shipping Accounts

Records shipping account numbers on Contact (partners) in the "Sales & Purchases" tab.



This is an abstract addon that is mostly used as a customization point for specific providers to add validation or behavior to.

Adds new model `partner.shipping.account` and basic permissions allowing anyone with the "Contact Creation" privilege to create new ones.

By default, if you create a "Shipping Account" without setting a Partner, then it is available for everyone to use.  This can be particularly useful if you have types of orders that would always use a specific account.

 What is in a name?

When picking a Shipping Account on a SO, the display name of the account is dynamic.

Required fields: You must enter an Account Number and the Carrier.  If those are the only fields you fill in, the display name of the record will be a combination of the Carrier and Account Number.

Description If you fill in the Description field, this becomes the display name.  Still need the Account Number? No problem, just put some or all of it in your Description.