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This documentation covers the installation and configuration of the Hibou Commissions module for Odoo.

Getting Started

The first step is to install the module. To do so, navigate to the Apps application.

Once there, remove the 'Apps' filter, then search for 'Hibou Commissions'. When you're ready, click install.

Good to Know!

The Hibou Commissions module requires the Contract and Hibou Professional applications. However, if you do not already have these applications installed, Odoo will install them for you during this module's installation. 


Employee Setup

Commissions are configured on employee contracts. To access the contracts, first navigate to the Employees app.

Once there, go to Employees > Contracts and select a contract.

On the employee contract, click edit. Edit the following two fields:

Commission %: The commission percentage this employee will receive on orders where they are the salesperson.

Admin Commission %: The Commission percentage this employee will receive on orders where this employee is the admin.

When ready, click save, then move the contract to the Running stage. It must be in this stage for applicable commissions to be calculated. You can simply click the Running stage, or go back to the Contracts kanban view and move the contract to the 'Running' column.


Keeping Employee Information Private + Related User

To limit who can see the customer ledger for employees (where payables for commissions are listed), ensure you set up a Private Address contact for the employee under the Private Information tab on the Employee record.

Also note that you must set a Related User in the HR Settings tab, as this is required to make any commission that is not part of a Commission Structure.

Accounting Setup

Commissions require a journal to be setup as a parameter. To do this, first navigate to the Accounting app.

Once there, go to CONFIGURATION > Invoicing > JOURNALS. If there isn't already a Commissions journal, click Create to add one. Otherwise, select the Commissions journal and click Edit. Configure it as follows:

Journal Name: Enter 'Commissions', or similar.

Type: Select 'Miscellaneous'.

Company: If you use multiple companies, this should auto-populate with the company you're working in. If you only use one company, this field will not appear.

Under the Journal Entries tab:

  • Short Code: Select a short code for this journal.

  • Next Number: This is the sequence number for the next commission. You can leave this field as is.

  • Default Debit Account: Select the account used for Commissions.

  • Default Credit Account: Select the same account as above for Commissions.

  • Currency: You can leave this field empty to inherit the company currency.

The settings under Advanced Settings should be configured per your business needs.

When you're ready, click Save.

Next, go to Configuration > Settings and scroll down to the Commissions section. Configure the following fields:

  • Journal: This field must be filled in with your selected Commissions journal before trying to confirm any new or existing commissions.

  • Liability Account: This field is optional. If filled in, it will be used as the offset account for the Commission Journal.

    • For example, if the Commission Journal default account is '630010 Commissions' and the Liability Account is set to '201010 Commission Payable', then a $100 commission will make a $100 debit to '630010' and $100 credit to '201010'.

  • Pay Commission On: Select whether the commission will be paid when the invoice is paid or when the invoice is validated.

  • Commission Base: Select the total to calculate the commission on: Invoice Total or Invoice Margin.

When you're ready, click SaveCommissions are now ready to be calculated and applied!

Contact-Specific Commission Structures

Commission Structure is a custom field on a contact that allows a commission rate to be set on a per-contact/per-employee basis to account for contact-specific commission variations.

To get started navigate to the Contacts app.

Once there, select a contact, click Edit, then open the Accounting tab.

Good to Know!

Commissions Cannot be Set on Child Contacts

If you see the message "Accounting-related settings are managed on the parent company", click the parent company and continue editing that record instead. 

In the Commission Structure field, choose an existing Commission Structure or select Create and Edit from the drop-down menu to create a new one.

Creating a New Structure

If you choose to create a new structure, you'll see a modal window where you'll fill in the following fields:

Name: Enter a name for your commission structure.

Under Employee, click Add a line. Select an employee to apply this structure to and enter the commission rate. Repeat this for all employees. When you're done, click SAVE. 

Click Save again on the contact record. 


Commission Rates

Invoices created for contacts with a Commission Structure will use the Commission Structure rate instead of the contract rate. 

If the rate for the contact is left at 0% on the Commission Structure, Odoo will default to the commission rate assigned on the Employee's contract.