Hibou Odoo Suite: Inventory Modules: GLS Netherlands Shipping


The purpose of this document is to review the functionality of the GLS Shipping connector in the Enterprise Edition of the Hibou Odoo Suite. 

Getting Started

To ship your items through GLS you will need to install the GLS module.

Navigate to the Apps application. 

Once there remove the Apps filter from the search bar and search for "GLS". When ready, hit the Install button. 


To get started, navigate to the Inventory application. 

Once there, go to Configuration > Delivery Methods
Here you will see all of your existing delivery methods that will be used to calculate shipping rates on your deliveries. 
Click the Create button. You can now create a new Delivery Method for the GLS service type you want to use. 
Fill in the information for the delivery method: 
Name: This will be the name of the Delivery Method you will select from the dropdown menu on Sale Orders. 
Provider: Under this section, you will see all of the shipping providers that you have installed connectors or modules for and we can see that GLS Netherlands is present. 
Once we select GLS Netherlands as our provider, we can choose whether we want to Get Rate or Get Rate and Create Shipment
Get Rate: Choose this option if you only want to fetch rates to add shipping charges onto sale orders.
Get rate and Create Shipment: Choose this option if you also want to print shipping labels in addition to getting a shipping rate.  

You will also need to create a delivery product associated with this delivery method.
Hit the Delivery Product dropdown menu and select the Create and Edit... button. The following modal will appear and you will be prompted to fill in the below details: 
Product Name: Input a name for this delivery product. The name of the product will appear on the sale order line and will be visible to customers. 
Product Type: Leave this as a service product. 
Category: Input a relevant product category. 
Under the Accounting tab, you can set the appropriate accounts for your Receivables and Payables accounts. 

Once the correct fields are configured, hit Save. The modal will close the and delivery method you just configured will be selected. 
Next, go to the GLS Netherlands Configuration tab. This is where we will enter our credentials for GLS and connect your shipping account. 
GLS NL Username: Input "test"  
Password: Input your GLS account password. This will enable you to simply input  your username with the live username once you are ready to switch from testing to a live environment. 
To complete the below fields, you will need to follow the instructions outlined in the GLS configuration tab. 
GLS NL Rates: Select the Create and Edit... button from the dropdown menu and upload a CSV file that has the countries you want to deliver packages to, the weight thresholds of the packages you will be shipping, and the rates you will charge customers in euros for each weight threshold. 
GLS NL Label Type: Select the type of label that you want to create for your shipments. 
GLS NL Express: Select the desired speed for your packages to be delivered. If you want to use multiple delivery windows for you customers, you will need to create multiple delivery methods for each delivery window you want to use. 

Once all of this is configured, click Save

Adding GLS on Sale Orders

To get started, navigate to the Sales application. 

Once there, click Create

Once you have added a customer and your desired products to the sale order, select the GLS delivery Method that you created. To fetch a rate from GLS, hit the  Get Rate button. 

To add the retrieved shipping rate to the sale order as a line item, hit the   add to order button. 

You will see the delivery product associated with the delivery method appear on the sale order along with the delivery cost that you fetched from GLS.

When ready, hit Confirm

Printing a Shipping Label and Generating a Tracking Number 

Once your quotation has been confirmed. You will now see a  Delivery smart button on the top right of your SO. Navigate to your Delivery transfer by selecting it. 

Once there, navigate to the Additional Info tab. In the Carrier field, the GLS service type connected to your delivery method should be inputted automatically. 

Once your delivery is ready to ship, Validate the delivery order. You will see the tracking reference (your tracking number) will appear and in chatter, you will see the shipping label available for download.