Manufacturing: Products / Master Data: Product Variants on a BoM


The Product Variants menu can be found in other Odoo apps, such as Inventory and Sales. While these menus all lead to the same data, the purpose of this document is to explain how the product variants are factored into Manufacturing in Odoo 14.

The Bills of Materials (BoM) is where Manufacturing and Product Variants intersect. First, it's important to understand how both of these aspects function within Odoo. For detailed information, review the following documentation:


To get started, navigate to the Manufacturing app.

Odoo image and text block

Once there, click products > Bills of Materials.

Configuring Product Variants on a BoM

Odoo makes it possible to have one BoM for one product with several variants.

Our example product will be the Chocolate Bunny. This bunny has a colored ribbon tie offered in one of three colors: Blue, Pink, or Yellow. This is what the BoM looks like:

Each ribbon color becomes a component of the product when the corresponding variant is selected.

Adding the BoM to a Manufacturing Order

Once you have your BoM configured to house all possible variants, click Operations > Manufacturing Orders, then Create a new MO.

In the Product field, select a product variant. Note that if a product has variants, then this will be your only option. As soon as you do this, you'll see the Bill of Material populate, but the Components will reflect only those related to the variant.