Manufacturing: Manufacturing Planning : Planning by Production


This document explains the data and views on the Planning by Production page in the Manufacturing application of Odoo 15 under the Planning menu. This page shows you at a glance which Manufacturing Orders are scheduled across a selected date range.

If you don't see the Planning menu, follow the Master Production Schedule documentation to enable it.


To get started, navigate to the Manufacturing app.

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Once there, click PLANNING > Work OrdersPLANNING BY PRODUCTION. When you first arrive, you'll see several options in the header of this page. We'll go over these, below.

Preset Filters: The default filters for this view are In Progress or Ready or  Pending and Manufacturing Orders. Use the  Filters menu to change the data used.

Date & Timeline Selectors: Use the Today buttons and the arrows on either side to navigate to a specific date or date range. The arrows will scroll by the increment selected to the right: Day, Week, Month, or Year.

The following example is one of many ways you can display and work with the data on this page. 

Our records are displayed in a Gantt chart, which is the default view for this page. Each record is organized by Manufacturing Order (y-axis) over the days of the month (x-axis).

This gives you an at-a-glance view of the time planned for your Manufacturing Orders, as a whole. Additionally, you can click-and-drag Manufacturing Orders to different dates and times from this view.

Details Pop-Up

By hovering over a record on the timeline in most views, you can view a pop-up with details of that entry. 

Modify Operation

If you click the same record in Gantt view, you'll see a modal window where you can edit the record, or initiate the work order process.

There are numerous ways to modify the data and view of this page to meet your specific needs.

Good to Know!

Different views allow for different actions. For example, you can:

  • See a Work Center color-coded legend in  Calendar view.

  • Drag and drop a scheduled event to another day in both  Calendar and  Gantt views.

  • Extend the duration of a scheduled event by spanning it over the course of dates/times in  Gantt view.