Manufacturing: Manufacturing Workflows: Intro to Manufacturing


The purpose of this document is to introduce you to the Manufacturing application, and explain how it can help you streamline manufacturing processes.


The process of Manufacturing can range from simple to involved, and Odoo allows for complex configuration to achieve what works best for your business. Our documentation covers the most popular areas of the Manufacturing app, and the outline below will help you find the information you need therein.


Manufacturing configuration is broken down into two parts, and you can learn more about these settings in the Manufacturing Configuration > Settings documentation.

  • Operations: This area includes areas to break your processes into smaller steps and finer details.

  • Planning: This area allows you to enable a deeper level of planning and forecasting.


Manufacturing operations are comprised of four different types of orders. The following list includes links to detailed documentation for each type.

  • Manufacturing Orders (MO): Orders that initiate the manufacturing of a product.

  • Work Orders: The process of breaking down Manufacturing Orders into routes and locations.

  • Unbuild Orders: Used to disassemble and recoup individual components on a manufactured product.

  • Scrap Orders: Used to track products and components that are no longer usable due to damage or other loss.


Odoo's Master Production Schedule allows for a high-level of planning based on demand and forecast. The following list includes links to detailed documentation for each area of focus.

  • Planning by Production: Organizes Work Order data by Manufacturing Order over the course of a day, week, month, or year.

  • Planning by Work Center: Organizes your Work Order data by Work Center over the course of a day, week, month, or year.

  • Master Production Schedule: Works as a calculator to assist in your planning based on demand, forecast, starting numbers, and more. 

Master Data

Master Data is a menu found in several product-oriented Odoo applications. In our Manufacturing documentation, we've focused on what those areas mean in the manufacturing process and areas that need consideration.

  • Products: Learn about the options that need to be configured for a product work in the Odoo manufacturing process.

  • Product Variants: This

  • Bills of Materials (BoM): Learn how to create and use a BoM.

  • Lots/Serial Numbers: Learn where tracability comes into play for manufacturing.

  • Routings: Create workflows by work center for the manufacturing process.

  • Work Centers: Create, organize, and maintain data on the physical location used in every step of your manufacturing operations.


There are three types of reports pre-configured in Odoo's Manufacturing app. Review their usage in our Manufacturing > Reporting documentation.

Manufacturing Workflow

There are three methods by which Odoo processes manufacturing. See each method in action from Sales Order to Product Delivery using the links included in the list below.