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This document will show you how to configure a service product to create only a project from a confirmed sale order.


Products must be configured as Service products in order for them to generate projects and tasks. Follow the guidelines in the Product Creation Workflow document. The steps below will build upon your preconfigured service product.


To get started, navigate to the Inventory app. 

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Configure the Service Product

Click products Products and select the service product that should set up tasks or projects upon a confirmed sales order.

Click EDIT

Under the general information tab, configure as indicated:

Create On Order: Select Project.

Project Template: Select an existing project template from the drop-down list (optional). Note: This field only appears if the Create on Order selection is Project & Task or Project. 

When done, click Save.

Create a Sales Order

Navigate to the Sales app.


Click Create and complete the form as indicated. Many of these fields will auto-populate, based on the customer's data:

Customer: Select the appropriate customer.

Invoice Address: Customer's mailing address for invoicing.

Delivery Address: Customer's delivery address.

Quotation Template: The base template used for this quotation.

Expiration: The date the quote will expire.

Pricelist: Customer's default pricelist.

Payment Terms: Terms of payment (pay on order vs. pay on delivery).

Under Order Lines, click Add a Product and enter the service product you configured above, as well as the Quantity.

After the product and quantity are added, click save then click confirm.

Review the Created Task

After confirming the Sales Order, the page will reload.

At the top of the Sale Order you'll see a new smart buttons added called Project Overview. Click the   PROJECTs button.

Here you'll see the summary page of the new project that was just created from this Sales Order along with many new smart buttons to jump to relevant information. The name of the project will match the Sale Order reference number (e.g. S00072). 

Good to Know!

Ordered Hours Become Sold/Remaining Hours

If you go to the Projects application and click on the progress button (On Track in this case), you'll see Sold and Remaining Hours listed as 02:00. This is because we added two hours of this service product to the original Sales Order.