Project: Projects + Tasks


The purpose of this document is to teach you about the links and menu options presented on the individual project cards on the  overview page of the Projects application of Odoo 15. You can access this page from anywhere in the app by clicking Projects.


To get started, navigate to the Project app.

Odoo image and text block

This landing page will show all existing projects in kanban view. 

Project Cards

Each project is represented by a kanban card with the project name, the customer name, and other links and features, based on your app's configuration.


Project Card Menu

Hove over the tile card to display the  Menu: This dropdown menu gives you a few different options for your project.

While many of these are covered in our other Project documentation, there are a couple to focus on.

View Tasks, Planning, and Project Updates will bring you to those respective views.

Planning: When Planning is enabled, this link will take you to a Gantt chart with the tasks you've scheduled for individual employees. Read more about the project planning feature in the Using Forecasts with Projects documentation.

Task Analysis: This will bring you to a graph view break down of all tasks on this project. Read more in our Reporting documentation. 

Customer Ratings: This will take you to the customer rating overview for the project if enabled. This option displays only if ratings are enabled in your Project app settings. See Project Ratings for more information.

Color: Selecting a color from this menu will display a left-hand border on the card.

Share: This option will generate a link that you can share the project with others. From this modal window, you'll select the recipients to share with, add a note, and click send. They'll receive the invitation based on their Odoo notification preferences. 

Edit: This will take you to the product details form. Read more about these options in the Basic Project Workflow documentation.

Project Card Links

Each project card has between two and four different links, depending on the configuration of the app and individual project.

 Priority: This icon works as a toggle to turn priority off or on. When on, the star displays as gold and lets you know that it needs special attention.


Ratings: If ratings are enabled in your app settings, you'll see a link that shows either a percentage or "No ratings yet". Click that link to see detailed rating data. See the Project Ratings documentation for a detailed walkthrough.



Good to Know!

The text on this link will depend on your project settings. By clicking the  menu , then Edit, you can rename what tasks are called.

The default setting is "Tasks", but in our example, it's been changed to "Steps".


Click the link to see a list of all the pending tasks and subtasks for the project.