Project: Configuration: Projects


The purpose of this document is to give an overview of the information and features of the Projects application in Odoo 15. 


To get started, navigate to the Project app.

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Click Configuration > Projects.

The data on this page is similar to the Projects overview page at a glance; however, its purpose is more focused on the project data and less on workflow.

Click on any record to bring up the details for a project.


Smart Buttons

On the top of this page, you'll see smart buttons to relevant data in Odoo associated with this project. Depending on your Project app configuration, these buttons may vary. Clicking each of these buttons will bring you to the respective page of information. Use the breadcrumbs at any point to jump back to the project. 


Project Data

The majority of the settings and details on this page were configured when the project was created. Click edit on this page to see all possible options.

General Settings

Name: The name of the project.

Name of the tasks: This defaults to "Tasks" but you can change it to reflect the type of project it is, such as "Steps".

Project Manager: The employee in charge of this project.

Customer: The customer this project is for.

Planned Date: Set a beginning and ending date for the project if you would like.

Tags: Any tags you wish to associate to the project for filtering purposes.

Company: The name of the company managing this project.

Under the description tab, you can enter an overall description of the project.

Under the Settings tab:

Analytic Account: For accounting purposes, the designated Analytic Account.

Visibility: Indicate who can see this project.

  • Invited Employees: Only employees who have this project Shared with them have access, covered below.

  • All Employes: If selected, any employee will have access.

  • Portal users and all employees: If selected, all employees and those contacts with Portal Access will have access.

Timesheets: Enabling this option allows users to enter timesheets on tasks. See Using Timesheets with Projects.

Products on Tasks: Enabling this option allows the tracking of materials used on tasks.

Worksheets: Enabling this option allows the customization of worksheets on tasks.

Customer Ratings: Enabling this option allows customers to give ratings on tasks. For more information on ratings, read our Project: Ratings documentation

Billable: Enabling this option will allow you to invoice your customers for time and materials used on tasks.

Field Service: Enabling this option will allow the management of tasks in the Field Service application.

Planning: Enabling this option will allow you to plan your employees or resources to be set on a project. See Using Forecasts with Projects.

Under the invoicing tab, you can set a Default Sales Order Item if you would like, and then click Add a line to add employees, the related sale order item, and the cost for each employee.

If you've made any changes to the project details, be sure to click Save.


V15 now has the ability to share with two different options: Share Readonly and SHARE editable. The  buttons allow you to invite others to view the project without administrative permissions by either copying the link and sharing with them manually, or adding them as a recipient to the Share Document form.

Create Sales Order

The Create Sales Order button appears at the top of projects that do not already have a Sales Order established. For more information, see Create a Sales Order from an Existing Project.