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This document covers how to use Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, within the Website application in Odoo 16. SEO is made up of good practices, like ensuring fast loading, having only one title <h1>, and making sure Meta tags are consistent with your content, to optimize a website in order to gain better rankings in search engines like Google. Good SEO equals more visitors, and Odoo makes it easy by removing the technical complexity of SEO and does the work for you!


To get started, navigate to the Website app.

Optimize SEO

Once there, click SITE > OPTIMIZE SEO. The following modal will open:

Title and Description defines what is referred to as the meta data. These are used by search engines to promote a website and are what show up as a preview in search results. They are both automatically defined dependent on your page title and content, but can be manipulated to your liking. Keep in mind, they should match the content of your page; if they don't, your page will be downgraded by search engines. 

Another key bit of information here to boost SEO are Keywords.

Odoo comes with a <keyword> finder that uses keywords to become the searches that lead potential visitors to your site. For each keyword, a search engine will show how the word is used within your content (H1, H2, page title, description, and content). Additionally, Odoo will suggest additional keywords. If you choose to use them, simply click them from the suggestions that appear to the right of your keyword. The more keywords used, the better the function works. 

You can also set a preview image here to be displayed within search results and on social media. 

When finished, click SAVE

Good to Know!

Multiple Languages? No Problem!

If a website is in multiple languages, you are able to use the Promote function for each language of a single page to specify title, description, and keywords.

Also Good to Know!

Optimize Further

Interested in optimizing your SEO even further? Here are a couple more things to consider!

Content Equals Visitors

Odoo comes fully loaded with ways to boost your SEO, from writing great articles in the Odoo Blogs module, publishing your PDF and Powerpoint presentation from the eLearning module which automatically become indexed on your website, or letting your community boost content by adding the Odoo Forum app. 

Find these by navigating to the Apps app.

From there, use the  filter tool to find the modules you are looking for. 


Utilize Social Networks

Social Media exists for sharing, and when lots of people see and share your content, it is likely that they will link to it, and links are a huge piece of the puzzle for SEO ranking. Luckily for you, Odoo makes it easy to share your content!

Navigate to the Website app.

From there, click the EDIT button in the top right corner. 

From here, you can click into any field on the screen to edit. Focusing on the lower right hand corner labeled "Connect with us," you can configure which social networks to include links to, your contact information, and you can go so far as to customize your colors by clicking the Theme tab. Don't forget to save!