Scheduling: Attendances


The purpose of this documentation is to demonstrate and give an overview of the Attendances application of Odoo 14. The Odoo Attendances application functions as a time clock. Employees can check in and out using a PIN if desired, and management can see at a glance who is available at any given time. 


To get started, navigate to the Attendances application. 

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Kiosk View

By default, the application opens to the kiosk view, allowing employees to quickly create a new check-in record.   

To check in or out, click the  Icon.

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Managing Attendances

From the navigation menu, select Manager  > Attendances to see a list view of the day's current timeclock entries. 

Managers can open any record to edit the Check-in and Check Out timestamps, or create missing entries to assist forgetful employees. 

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Manager > Employees will show you who on the staff is currently clocked in as working. 

Checking in with Badges and PINs

Note: The ability to clock in with a PIN is the only configuration option for this app, found under CONFIGURATION in the navigation menu. 

For more information on setting up a Badge or PIN number, see our Employee Set-up document. 

An alternative kiosk mode is available in the menu bar. Select Kiosk Mode to open it. 

You will have the option to scan your badge barcode, or select employee and enter a PIN instead. 

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