Purchasing: Configuration: Vendor Pricelists


This purpose of this document is cover the configuration of Vendor Pricelists in your the Odoo 14 Purchase app. Vendor Pricelists allow you, as the buyer, get the best pricing for the products your business purchases frequently.


To get started, navigate to the Purchase app.

Once there, navigate to CONFIGURATION > VENDOR PRICELISTS. On this page you'll immediately see all existing Vendor Pricelists. You can view or edit any of these records by simply clicking the line.

Manually Creating a Vendor Pricelist

Good to Know!

Automatic Vendor Pricelist Creation

When you confirm a Purchase Order from a new vendor, their pricing will be added to the Vendor Pricelists automatically.

To add a new Pricelist, click CREATEThis opens the New Vendor Pricelists form with the following fields:


  • Vendor: Select the vendor for this product.

  • Vendor Product Name: The vendor's product name will be used when printing a Request for Quotation (RFQ). Leave this field empty to use an internal product name. This is important if the vendor refers to the product as something other than how it is named in Odoo.

  • Vendor Product Code: The vendor's product code will be used when printing a Request for Quotation (RFQ). Leave this field empty to use an internal product code. Again, this is important if the vendor uses a different code for the product than you do, as the buyer.

  • Delivery Lead Time: Enter the number of days between the confirmation of the purchase order and product delivery.


  • Product: Select the product that this pricelist applies to.

  • Product Variant: If this price applies to all variants of a product, leave this field empty. In our example, this price only applies to the variant "Blue".

  • Quantity: Enter the quantity of items that must be purchased to benefit from this price.

  • Unit Price: Enter the purchase price for the product.

  • Validity: If applicable, enter the date range for which this price is valid. Otherwise, leave it empty.

  • Company: The name of the company is auto-populated or you may chose to edit it by clicking  in the company line. 

Once you've completed all the details, click Save

Good to Know!

Product Variant? Add the Product First

If the pricelist you're creating will apply to a product variant, select your Product first. Doing this will populate the Product Variant field with all configured variants, which you can then select.

Vendor Pricelists - List View

As you can see in the following example, you can have more than one pricelist for the same product. Click   List view on the Vendor Pricelists page, then Group By Product and/or Product Variant. This gives you an at-a-glance view of your purchasing options.

In our example, several vendors are offering special pricing for a Customizable Desk, but with different terms.