Point of Sale (POS): Configuration: Settings


This documentation goes over the configuration options of the Point of Sale (PoS) app in Odoo 15.


Change PoS Settings with Caution

PoS shares many of its settings with other applications in Odoo. Change these with caution!


To get started, navigate to the Point of Sale app.

Once there, go to Configuration > Settings.


Default Sales Tax: The default tax rate for sales made through PoS. When selected, this tax will apply to any new product added to the catalog. If there is a pre-configured tax rate that applies, you can select it here. Use the  icon to change an existing tax, but note that this will change the settings of that tax throughout Odoo.

Use the Taxes button to open Odoo's tax settings, where you can manage and create tax rates.

Default Intermediary Account: Select the default accounts Receivable account.


Pricelists: A pricelist allows you to set alternative pricing for products. For more information, see our Sales: Pricelists documentation. Toggling this setting is a global change in Odoo.

  • Multiple prices per product: Pricelist with fixed price rules by product.

  • Advanced price rules: Enables advanced price rules for pricelists.

Gift Card: Allow the use of gift cards

Coupons & Promotions: Allow the use of coupons and promotions 


Cash Rounding: When enabled, this allows you to indicate the lowest denomination of currency accepted through PoS. If your organization rounds up to the nearest .05 cents, then it's important to configure Odoo to recognize this. Cash Roundings are managed in the Accounting application and toggling this setting is a global change in Odoo.

Payment Terminals

If applicable, select the payment terminal to integrate with your PoS application. To integrate terminals not listed here, contact us!

Good to Know!

Looking for PAX Integration?

Look no further! Hibou has developed a PAX solution for Odoo, compatible with Odoo versions 11- 15. Learn more about this Hibou Suite module, and watch a video on how it works, on our PoS Pax Integration product page.


Inventory Management: Indicate at which point the PoS system should update quantities in stock. 

  • At the session closing: When selected, Odoo will create one picking for the entire session.

  • In real time: When selected, Odoo will create individual pickings for each transaction at the time of the sale.

If you've made any changes to PoS settings, be sure to click Save.