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Odoo for Beginners

Learn the Basics of Odoo for Free!

Training is our speciality here at Hibou. We understand how overwhelming Odoo can be, simply because of how much there is to learn!

This is your starting point.

Our Odoo Essentials course will teach you, step-by-step, through videos, quizzes, and documentation, the absolute basics of Odoo. We'll cover how to navigate the system, how to set it up for basic use, and what all of those buttons do!

When you join this free course, you'll learn the difference between Odoo apps and modules, how they work together, and how to install them to your database. We'll show you how to enter debug mode (aka developer mode) and how to use it to your benefit as you navigate through the many layers of Odoo.

One thing we've noticed is the lack of documentation and training there is on configuring email in Odoo (inbound and outbound), as well as email routing. Search no more, we've got it!

Did you know that Discuss + Chatter aren't optional in Odoo, and you should never attempt to uninstall them? We'll tell you why, and teach you how to get the most use out of these features.

You'll finish out this series with an indispensable video about how to manage contacts in your database. Whether you're an ecommerce store, a manufacturer, or a consulting agency,  your contacts are your business. Keeping your records streamlined is important - and you'll know how when you're done.

Why Learn Odoo with Hibou?

  • You'll see real-life scenarios, from configuration to workflow.

  • Read, watch, or both! All of our video lessons are paired with free, public documentation.

  • You'll gather the knowledge needed to pass Odoo Certification, if that's your goal.

  • Learn on your own schedule. Our lessons are short and easy to fit into your day.

  • Test your knowledge! We incorporate quizzes and mini-certification examples with each course to ensure you truly understand.