CRM: CRM Configuration: Activity Types


The purpose of this document is to show you how to access and manage Activity Types within the CRM app. Activity Types are used to indicate the nature and behavior of scheduled activities throughout Odoo.

To get started, navigate to the CRM app.


Activity Types are used throughout Odoo. Keep that in mind when creating and editing these records as your changes will apply globally.

Create a New Activity Type

Click Create.

Complete the form as indicated.

Name: Enter a short description of the activity type.

Action to Perform: Actions may trigger specific behavior, like opening a calendar view or automatically mark as done when a document is uploaded. If applicable, select an action to perform with this Activity Type.

Default User: If this task generally falls to one contact, select them here. It can be overridden when an activity is created.

Default Summary: Enter the default summary for this task. It can be overridden or modified when an activity is created.

Trigger Next Activity: Enable this option if the completion of this task should automatically trigger the next activity.

Default Next Activity: Select an activity that would generally follow this one in succession. If Trigger Next Activity is not selected, this will serve as a suggested next step in the workflow. If it is enabled, this activity will trigger automatically.

Recommended Next Activities: Select one or more activities that should follow this one based on your business model. You can select as many as apply. If Trigger Next Activity is selected, this field will not be displayed.

Default Description: Enter the default description for this task. It can be overridden or modified when an activity is created.

Scheduled Date: Enter the number of days/weeks/months to schedule the next activity, and which criterion you'll be basing this date on from the drop-down list. 

When done, click Save.