Partner Shipping Accounts
After All, Why Shouldn't They Pay For It?
17 April, 2024 by
Partner Shipping Accounts
Cory Speaker

We at Hibou have often been asked for a solution for Companies to have the option to use their customer's shipping account. FedEx, UPS, and DHL being among the most popular carriers these days (well, for awhile now actually), we have created modules to meet this need. 

Enter Partner Shipping Accounts. Whether you use a single carrier or all three, our modules apply the same functionality across all of them. This is due to a module dependency on our Hibou Suite Partner Shipping Acocunts Module. Installing one of those carrier specific modules will install the base, and then you are off to the races. 

On the Customer or Vendor contact, you can now set a Shipping Account under the Sales & Purchases tab. Depending on your carrier selected, you may see an additional field to set a Zip Code (looking at you UPS), but otherwise this is as straightforward as it gets. If you need it, our documentation even specifies the number of digits required for an account depending on the carrier. Set the Contact, give the account an identifiable name, enter the account number itself, and then any additional notes you feel are needed. That's it!

Now, you can go to your Sale Order, select your Customer, and then their Shipping Account will be selectable, and if selected, will copy over to your OUT transfer as seen on the Other Info tab. 

What's more is that thanks to our base Delivery module, whether you are on your shipping method or from the OUT itself, you can now select whether your packages need Insurance or if they should require a signature on delivery. We don't think it could be more simple!

If you are interested in these modules, please reach out using the Contact form below. If you like what you see in the Partner Shipping Account modules, please check out our shop for other offerings such as Delivery or Sale Order Planner, or our carrier-specific Delivery Professional modules, all of which will be covered in future posts! 

Partner Shipping Accounts
Cory Speaker 17 April, 2024
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