Hibou and the Odoo Experience
We're Gonna Sprout Up In Brussels!
2 September, 2022 by
Hibou and the Odoo Experience
Cory Speaker

Brussels. Sprouts. Get it? You'll have to pardon the pun, I'm just really excited to take part of my first in-person Odoo Experience. We attended virtually last year and had some great interactions in our virtual booth, but this year is going to be a return to form for the event and I am happy to say that Hibou will be there in full effect!

In the past, our owners have given talks and rubbed shoulders with the Odoo Elite, but this year, in addition to Kaylie and Jared going, we are also sending along a couple of other team members, Mishael and then, last but hopefully not least, me, to give demos at our booth. That's right, for the first time ever, Hibou is going to have a booth at the Experience. We've been cooking up some swag, putting together the graphics for our backdrop, working on our presentations, and picking some of our most useful modules to share with those at the event. Not to mention that yours truly will be hunting for Odoo celebrities to have my picture taken with them and then post them to our social medias. I'm talking about you Amy Caroline! And if I DO see you, well, I'll still probably walk away after saying "good morning, good afternoon, and goodnight," just like you taught us!

I wonder how many people associate Amy to Odoo more than anyone else, simply from her tutorial videos that so many of us have watched when becoming familiar with Odoo? I would also like to find Mr Ray Carnes, to thank him for the information he shares with all of his followers and also for always letting me know when my links don't work. If you are not following Ray, you're messing up! 

So what are we going to talk about for the presentations by Kaylie and Jared? We've got Commissions, and because it's kind of our thing, Payroll! We've written about those in the past here but because they are so popular, we can't help ourselves but to parade them around in Brussels to share them with everyone in attendance. (Insert beautiful image from Brussels that we hope to have time to explore!)

And when they're not busy doing what business owners do, Jared and Kaylie can be found with Mish and I at our booth, handing out goodies, showing off our work, and answering questions about our company. I promise to do my best and not butcher the French language, but be warned if you come up to say hi that I have not used French since I was in grade school many years ago. So, in advance, je suis desole!

Changing gears just a bit: this will be Mishael and I'd first trip to Belgium, and we'll only be there for a few days. So if anyone reading this has some recommendations to hit up for the best food, or awesome bookstores, or anything just kind of unique, let us know either at the bottom of this article, or on our twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn

We look forward to seeing everyone there, seeing what version 16 is going to offer at Fabien's presentation, and being able to Experience Odoo at the Odoo Experience in person. Until then, au revoir!

Hibou and the Odoo Experience
Cory Speaker 2 September, 2022
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