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4.95 / Month

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Uses credit limit on Partners to warn salespeople if they are over their limit.

When confirming a sale order, the current sale order total will be considered and a Sale Order Exception will be created if the total would put them over their credit limit.

Make Customer Credit Management Easy with Hibou's Sale Credit Limit!

Hibou’s Sale Credit Limit module falls under the Hibou Professional license + Terms and Conditions and is billed monthly, as a subscription ($4.95/month).

With Hibou's Sale Credit Limit module, you can easily:

  • See the contact's current outstanding receivables

  • Set a credit limit

  • View the contact's remaining credit available

  • Put the contact on a manual credit hold

When making a sale order for a contact that is over their credit limit, upon selecting the customer the user will be presented with a message that displays the customer's current outstanding receivables and their credit limit, which allows the user to make an informed decision about how to proceed early in the ordering process. 

Additionally, this module makes use of the Odoo Community Association's (OCA) Sale Exception module, which allows the following credit limit exceptions to be triggered upon attempting to confirm the sale order:

  • Credit Limit Exceeded: Triggered if the customer or invoice address' has a credit limit and is either over their credit limit or would be taken over their credit limit based on the current sale order's amount (plus current outstanding receivables).

  • Customer On Credit Hold: Triggered if the customer is on a manual credit hold.

  • Customer has Overdue Invoices: Triggered if the customer has unpaid, overdue invoices.

Any of the sale exceptions can be inactivated within your database if they are not applicable to your use case.