About Hibou

The Business of Awesome

We're here to do everything from basic Odoo implementations to processes analysis (and a bunch of stuff in between). Read about our respective skills below and then send us a note!

Jared Kipe, Hibou CEO


Exceptional Trait: A fount of knowledge in basically everything. 

Preferred Languages: Python, French, Klingon probably.

Hobbies: Home landscaping, interior lighting, and having incredibly even sideburns.

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Exceptional Trait: Can eat her body weight in most foods.

Super Skills :   Speed talking, being helpful, repeating herself due to speed talking.

Hobbies: Being chill, video games, wine mixologist.

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Exceptional Trait: Can easily get things off the top shelf, has a knack for stopping the microwave at 0:00 without the beep going off. 

Super Skill:  Quick to make jokes and bring levity to almost any situation.

Hobbies: Retweeting dog pictures, eating churros at Disneyland, gaming or napping whenever possible.

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