Odoo Success Packs

Hibou is a big proponent of getting your business what it needs, when it needs it! This is why we have traditionally offered our services (and always will!) as a pay-as-you go agreement that covers support, project management, custom development, hosting and more.

For those that wish for a more focused and limited engagement, we are also offering Hibou Odoo Success Packs! Supplemented with Hibou's vast resource library, when you purchase an Hibou Success Pack you are securing dedicated resources for workflow development, data management, accounting strategies, and access to our staff’s combined expertise over 5+ versions.

During a call with our one of our Hibou Experts, we will discuss your project and business needs then follow up with a recommendation for a standardized pack or a traditional ad-hoc approach with monthly invoicing.


$3,000 for 25 hours


  • Workflow Analysis
  • Configuration of Basic Applications*
  • Training Support of Basic Applications*
  • Ticket Support 


$6,000 for 50 hours


  • Everything from the Basic Pack
  • Configuration of Advanced Applications*
  • Implementation Rollout Project Management 
  • Basic Customizations Data Import Training


$11,000 for 100 hours


  • Everything from the Standard Pack
  • Advanced Data Import**
  • Advanced Customizations**
  • Zoom Support 
  • Basic Applications:  Any application outside of Inventory, Manufacturing and Accounting

  • * Advanced Applications:  Inventory, Manufacturing and Accounting

  • ** Advanced Data Import Customizations:  These services - when utilized - are billed at a 1.5x multiplier (example: 1 hour of advanced data import consumes 1.5 hours of the success pack)

  • Escalated Support: If a support request solution  is not forthcoming, it may be escalated to a senior team member and will be billed at a 1.5x multiplier

  • Packs are paid for upfront and are non-refundable

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How We Work

Certified Experts

When you purchase a success pack, you will be assigned an Odoo certified business consultant to jumpstart your project!

Your assigned consultant will schedule an initial call with you to outline your needs and setup additional calls to:

  • Walkthrough applications within Odoo and discuss your particular workflow needs

  • Provide training post-configuration of your Odoo database to meet your workflow needs

Off the calls, your consultant will configure the database and prepare trainings for your team as well as answer any tickets that your team submits.

All sessions with your consultant will cover planned topics or discussion points and will be completed via Zoom. Your consultant will also provide any supportive training materials, such as relevant Hibou Docs, to you for review to make the most of your implementation experience!

Apps: Basic vs. Advanced

What separates a basic application from an advanced one?

Primarily the amount of time to determine workflows, configure the database, fully test for appropriate outcomes, and train your team.

A basic application - on average - requires 5 hours of setup and training. Due to the nature and impact on the business of advanced applications, they can take between 15-20 hours of setup and training.

Hibou classifies the following applications as advanced:

  • Inventory

  • Manufacturing

  • Accounting

  • PLM

Business Consultantcy for Rollouts

If you are provided a business consultant with any success pack, why does only the Standard pack come with Implementation Rollout Consultancy?

The Basic pack is designed for smaller businesses or those that just need a little boost to get their project off the ground, so we do not anticipate the need to coordinate larger scale rollouts.

The Standard pack, on the other hand, is designed for businesses that are launching pieces of Odoo that are critical to roll out in a standardized way. For this reason, this pack includes the option for planning and coordination of an official launch across calls with your team.

Data Import: Basic vs. Advanced

Basic Data Imports include records such as:

  • Contacts

  • Vendor Pricelists

Advanced Data Imports include records such as:

  • Products

  • Sale Orders

  • Historical Financial Data

During your initial call to determine the Hibou Odoo success pack that would best meet your needs, we will discuss what - if any - support is needed in this area for your project and suggest the appropriate package.

Customizations: Basic vs. Advanced

Basic Customizations include:

  • Adding and displaying new fields

  • Updating PDF reports

Advanced Customizations includes anything that provides true functionality, such as:

  • Notification emails

  • Automation or API integrations

As with all package decisions, we will advise you of the option that sounds like it would best fit your project pre-purchase. If your needs change over the course of the project, we will work with you to determine how to best accomplish your goals with basic customizations or a package upgrade.

Note: Basic customizations can be completed in your database using Odoo Studio, if this is an app you have purchased. Advanced customizations (and basic customizations if you do not desire to pay for the Studio app or - like us! - you prefer source controlled changes) always require a repo setup/access and  coordination of deployments.

Hibou's Got You Covered!

Hibou is dedicated to Odoo - in fact, it's what we use for our own business! When you work with Hibou, you will have a team of dedicated individuals that have - quite literally - trained for this moment!

Additionally, with Hibou Professional subscription modules, we have a wide range of resources that they can draw on to successfully launch your project while keeping budget in mind. Some of our most popular modules that can be introduced to your project (only on or an "On-Premise" implementation, as Odoo online does not support third-party modules) include:

PoS PAX Integration

Accept credit and debit transactions in the form of swipe, chip, contactless or electronic with Hibou's PAX integration for Odoo Point of Sale. $5/terminal/month


If you have a sales department, you likely are familiar with commissions! Say 'goodbye' to spreadsheets and questions from your employees; say 'hello' to automation and visibility! $20/month


Returns are a fact of life, but they shouldn't be painful! Hibou's Return Authorization Management (RMA) application for Odoo provides a template-based approach to the full RMA lifecycle. $15/month

Sale Planner and Delivery Planner

Impress your customers and save money while doing it! Hibou's Sale and Delivery Planner modules provide everything you need to promise delivery dates and meet them while optimizing costs! $20/each/month

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Schedule a call today! During this call we will discuss your needs and then make a recommendation for one of Hibou's Odoo success packs or our traditional hourly agreement to accomplish your goals!