Odoo a la Carte!
Application Combinations for Your Industry!
23 September, 2022 by
Odoo a la Carte!
Emily Methvin

Odoo is capable of assisting all manner of industries! In our past articles, we've covered just about all of the applications in depth. Our hope is to assist those who are curious about the benefits of this excellent little ERP! So what other industries could Odoo be utilized in? What applications are best suited for their needs? In a factory setting, aside from the basics covered in this blog, a few of the most beneficial could be eLearning, Manufacturing, and Quality. A certain candy factory, owed by a rather eccentric and dapper Gene Wilder, comes to mind and thus... you are now him for example purposes! Lovely to meet you, Mr. Wonka, let me show you what we've got for you.

The eLearning application of Odoo is an excellent way to train employees on how to use machinery, safety guidelines or emergency protocols, and studying for certifications. It can also be used for clients to learn how to use products your business creates. I would say we all know how to eat candy, but those kids could've used some classes! As a matter of fact, we use it for our courses in both our internal onboarding and as a product open to the public for those who want to learn more about using Odoo! You can create courses that include instructional videos, resource documents, and quizzes to test the student's knowledge as they make their way to becoming a master!

Manufacturing is key for a factory setting. With this application, you can keep track of all your important equipment (yes, even the Gum Machine). You'll be able to configure each station with what they produce, how many Oompa Loompas can work on it at a time, and even so far as the cost of operation (should you need to get into the nitty gritty details for budgeting). The stations can also be configured to so the person working on it can assign available serial numbers and lots, so your inventory is always up to date and product is linked to the machine is was produced from in the unfortunate event of a defective batch.

Should a defective batch of your product be produced, the Quality application helps to catch these issues. By configuring the Teams, Alert Stages, and Tags for this application, you can easily assign members of your staff to authorize product post-production, allow escalation depending on severity, and mark the items with clear tags to provide context at a glance. Gotta catch those bad eggs as they come, right?

So, tell me, Mr. Wonka... are you interested in Odoo? Hibou can get it implemented in the chocolate factory first thing Monday (well, maybe not Monday, but we should talk)! You can contact us via the link below. Thank you for your time!

Odoo a la Carte!
Emily Methvin 23 September, 2022
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