Emily's Little Shop of Tabletop: Part 5
Make An Occassion An Event
7 July, 2022 by
Emily's Little Shop of Tabletop: Part 5
Emily Methvin

Hello, and welcome back to my fabulous journey of opening my dream tabletop RPG shop using Odoo's applications! Thus far, I have organized all my goodies using the Inventory application. I have successfully set up my Point of Sale in my Tavern to sell goodies to adventurers and Dungeon/Game Masters alike. I set up my own little Forge for creating custom items in-store for my customers with the Manufacturing application. Then in the last blog, I set up and customized my Website, making me ready to ship items outside of my own zip code. And now for the final piece... the grand opening! Today I'm going to be using the Event application to organize a big party open to the public! As I mentioned in the last article, I've covered the basic set up for events before. This is going to be a use case scenario for Tracks and Booths. I will be linking Hibou's documentation so you can have a step by step guide for your own event!

Now I've been to a few cons, so I know how I'd like this to play out, just on a smaller scale. Once I have my basic settings configured, I'm going to start by finding experienced creators who could teach classes for terrain and miniatures. Then I want to find some artists who might want to set up a booth and sell their completed pieces (maybe even fill in some commission slots they may have available). I'll also need to check in with some local food trucks and restaurants to see if they want to join in on the fun. After I have confirmed all the special guests, it'll be time to add them into the event's page itself.

Using my Tracks smartbutton, I'm going to set up two different kinds of classes. One will be an on-site class for building terrain, and the other is going to be a webinar for painting miniatures (very helpful for speakers who cannot physically be at an event). I am first going to title my track, then give it a scheduled time, duration and place. I'm going to assign one of my party members to this track so they can offer assistance to the guest. Down at the bottom, under the speaker tab, I am going to enter in the speaker's information so attendees who are interested in their class can learn a bit more about them. I will be doing the same thing for my virtual class, but I will also be adding in a YouTube URL. With this added, I can show the class in my shop or attendees may use their phones to view it at the designated time. This will also allow folks who couldn't come to the party to still be able to enjoy some of the fun.

Following along with the basic event Workflow, I will be renting out booth space to a few local artists in the shop. One does great character artwork, the second is a pro at creatures and scenery, and the third does gorgeous hand drawn maps. I think they'll all be great additions, and hopefully I can offer some permanent space for their art in my shop! Navigating to my booths smartbutton, I am going to assign a space to an artist along with their contact information. After a booth has been created, the smart button's page will help me keep track of who is available and unavailable for my event leading up to the grand opening.

Now that I have my guests squared away, I can focus on the fun part of throwing a party. Decorating and ignoring what the clean up is going to be like. Thank you very much for joining me in this "What-if" scenario. It's been a blast! Odoo has everything your small business needs in one ERP. Also remember should you need any assistance, Hibou is here to help.

Emily's Little Shop of Tabletop: Part 5
Emily Methvin 7 July, 2022
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