How to be the Main Event!
Skip the migraine and get organized with Odoo's Event Application.
10 June, 2022 by
How to be the Main Event!
Emily Methvin

Having been to, worked, and helped organize events myself, I get it. It's a lot. You gotta find and decorate the venue. You gotta invite the speakers. Then you gotta either find vendors to invite or sift through those vying for booths at your event. So let me tell you this application makes it so very easy and I have a lot of fun working on it. Our Events documentation can help you set up anything you will need to make your convention, showcase, competition... whatever party you're throwing... a stress free success. So let's start with the basic workflow, shall we?

All in One!

Basic Event Workflow begins with creating the event, of course! Give it a name. State when and where it's going down. Who's throwing this shindig? If it's big enough for a map, upload a map! Do you have capacity limits? You can list all of this right off the bat at the top of the event creation page. At the bottom, it's all about the money, honey. Organize your ticket levels and pricing. Organize your booths for your vendors. Set up confirmation and reminders via email or SMS messaging. Send questions that involve things like t-shirt sizes or names for badges when someone registers. Leave internal notes for your event coordinators or ticket notes for those registering. Boom. Let's move on to smart buttons!

Attendees, Registration and Sales!

Your attendees smart button will take you directly to a page that shows all the folks who've registered for your soiree. From this page you can track who's confirmed, who's paid, and who's canceled. How attendees can register is entirely up up to you. You can set it up so they can register online. They can register at the gate. You can manually register an attendee (maybe you've got a buddy who just wants to come and support you). Where as your registration desk smart button will let you start either scanning or signing in your attendees. We go into a bit more detail for scanning in attendees on our Registration Desk documentation. Following that, I think the sales smart button needs no real in depth. This smart button can be clicked to view a more detailed breakdown, but really serves as an at-a-glance record of how much you've made for this event thus far.

Booths, Tracks, and Sponsors!

The booth smart button will direct you a full overview of all the vendors you've invited/rented-space-to. You can see where in your event they are located, what company it's for, and who their representative is. Tracks are awesome! Some of my favorite parts of festivals and conventions are tracks that teach you how to do something creative or useful. You can schedule those from the tracks smart button, whether it's on site or a live broadcast. But what would any great event be without sponsors? Helping you bear the cost of this hootenanny in exchange for some meager advertisement. Sponsors help you achieve the hardest part of funding a major event and you can set up their call-outs from your sponsor smart button.

Chats and Website!

It's almost finished. Your final tidbit before rolling out for the physical portion of hosting an event is getting the word out there. Enabling chat rooms help visitors of your website ask you questions about your upcoming event, ask your vendors questions about their booths, and speak to each other. This opens up a special kind of connectivity among your attendees and it helps boost excitement. using this smart button you can set up specific topic channels for your event. But where are these chatrooms gonna be? Using your website smart button, you can link directly to your company's website on a brand new events page. After customization, you hit that publish button, and can start sharing your event across any platform you'd like.

That's all you need! Well, aside from the actual, you know, running of the event. Peacocks are kinda hard to herd with an ERP, but Odoo can certainly help get the birds to the bash, the peacocks to the party so to speak.. (Someone should probably go catch those, by the way.)

BUT NONE THE LESS! I hope you choose Odoo to help you get your wonderful event off the ground, and should you need it... Hibou is here to help. Thank you for reading, and have fun at your event!

How to be the Main Event!
Emily Methvin 10 June, 2022
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