Hibou HR Modules
An Hibou Suite Spotlight!
17 October, 2023 by
Hibou HR Modules
Cory Speaker

Like many Odoo Partners, Hibou spends a fair amount of our time developing and improving modules to make a user's experience be better, smoother, more efficient and cost effective. And while not every company needs US Payroll localization, most Odoo users that come our way are looking for that functionality specifically. Odoo offers some great tools right out of the box in terms of their Payroll application, (and rumor has it more to come in 17!) and we use it internally ourselves. But in addition to that app, we have also created and incorporated several modules that I would like to mention a few of here in this article. 

People might get tired of hearing it, but Payroll is one of the biggest reasons that clients and customers come to Hibou. US Payroll to be precise is what we are known for. We have given talks at Odoo Experience about it (that can be viewed here on YouTube) and when people write to us with Payroll related questions, it is because of that reputation. There are those that want nothing to do with Payroll, and I won't name names, but they simply do not want to touch payroll because it can become very complex. We try to make that complexity a bit more simple to understand. 

To begin, we have got the aforementioned USA Payroll Localization. With just a few clicks, you can set an employee's state and have all the related tax information pulled into their contract. I even made a little video walking you through the process. 

We also have Commissions which may be as sought after as our Payroll modules and we have done many customizations to fit so many different businesses needs, it is a little dizzying. This little piece of documentation here can walk you through the process of configuring the module so that employees with sales based incentives and even their supervisor can get a taste of the action. With just a few settings in place like setting a Commission rate on an Employee contract in the Running state, you will be ready to go! This is a module I have posted about several times in the past, and if you are interested, you can find another article focusing solely on this module here. If there is something missing from that functionality, let us know and we'll see if we can help. 

Hibou Commissions Contract Settings

We've got an attendance module that allows you to add Attendance Worked Days lines onto payslips. We've got Date on Payslip Lines which allows you to group by date when searching for payslip lines as well as filter by Date Account for easy period reporting. And we have Timesheets on Payslips for your employees who are paid hourly and not by Attendance or Salaried. 

Payslip showing timesheet entries

As I said, Odoo is incorporating more and more features and I for one am interested to see how our modules stack up in terms of what is coming to the base functionality of Odoo versus what we currently offer. Trust that I will be keeping my eye on that and we will migrate and update our modules as needed to keep these features available to our customers. 

We have quite a few other modules that deserve more time, and I promise more will be covered in the future. Perhaps I will cover our shipping modules next? Or RMAs could deserve a spotlight as well. For the time being, each one of them can be found here for you to view at your leisure. 

Have even more time to learn about Payroll? Check out this blog article written by the very dev (and our founder) who wrote the code which covers our newest changes to Payroll, automatic rate updates among them. Or this blog article which breaks down the ways using Payroll can save you money when compared to other systems.  If you really want to do some homework, you can check out the other videos we have on our YouTube page. One million customers (estimated figure, likely over-estimated) can't be wrong!

Hibou HR Modules
Cory Speaker 17 October, 2023
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