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Odoo 14
  • CRM
    • CRM Configuration
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  • Sales
    • Sales Configuration
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    • Basic Sales Product Settings
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    • Coupons + Promotion Programs
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    • Quotation Templates
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    • Pricelists
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  • Certification
    • Certification: Odoo 14 CRM + Sales
  • Quick Start Guides
    • Sales Quick Start Guide
    • Invoicing Quick Start Guide

Functional Training for CRM + Sales in Odoo 14

Now that you've mastered Odoo Essentials, it's time to jump into some of the many apps that are Odoo 14. In this course we'll go over two popular applications - CRM and Sales.

Learn CRM for Odoo 14

CRM is a simple application that works as a starting point for your sales flow. Most of the app's intricacies are in how you configure it, and CRM Configuration is exactly what we'll be covering in this first section.

This lesson goes over all of the different settings, and defines fields along the way (lead vs. opportunity, anyone?). In this process, you'll learn how changing the different options will impact your CRM workflow, as well. 

Learn Sales for Odoo 14

The goal of CRM is to kick off a sales workflow, so that brings us to the next section of this course. Sales!

In this section, we'll walk you through the main features of Sales, including the configurations settings for the app, and for products themselves. We'll show you how to configure discounts via Promotion Programs and Coupon Programs. Next, you'll learn how to streamline your Sales app experience with the use of Pricelists and Quotation Templates.

Other Perks of Learning Odoo with Hibou?

Each video course is paired with a quick knowledge-check [read: pop quiz!] to ensure you understand what the video covered. We've even added relevant links to our free Odoo documentation to help you along the way. 

Finally, when you're ready, you'll have the opportunity to take our Odoo 14 Sales certification. When you pass (and we know you will!), you can print out a fancy certificate for your refrigerator!