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    Master the Manufacturing App

    Odoo 14 Certification Training

    Learn the ins and outs of Manufacturing in Odoo with this Hibou Academy course!

    Our eLearning Courses for Odoo Include:
    • In-Depth Videos: In each lesson, you’ll see every step of the process, allowing you to follow along with your database's configuration.

    • Related Documentation: Our free Odoo documentation is the perfect companion to each lesson, providing detailed configuration and workflow outlines to supplement your learning.

    • Pop Quiz: Every video includes a short quiz to test your knowledge and ensure your understanding of the concepts.

    • Manufacturing Certification: At the end of the Manufacturing in Odoo course, you’ll take an Hibou certification focused specifically on Manufacturing.

    A Quick Outline of the Odoo 14 Manufacturing Course
    • Manufacturing Configuration: Each setting and configuration option is briefly covered to give you a lay of the land!

    • Basic Product Settings: Understand how each setting on products interact with manufacturing, including routes, reordering rules, and lead times.

    • Bill of Materials: We outline how each bill of material type works, configuring BoMs for variants, and flexible consumption during manufacturing.

    • Multi-Step Manufacturing: Unsure how many steps meet your manufacturing needs? Here you'll learn how both 2-step and 3-step manufacturing affect everyday processes.

    • Scrap Orders: Scrap Orders are the correct way to account for defective or expired products and this lesson shows you how to configure and use them properly.

    • Unbuild Orders: Need to break a product back down into its component goods? Hibou has you covered with this lesson that dives into Unbuild Orders and the difference between associating one with a specific manufacturing order or not.

    • Basic Workflow: See how the basics of Manufacturing come together for users and managers.

    • Sub-Assemblies: Also known as child manufacturing orders or chained manufacturing orders, sub-assemblies allow you to account for dependencies on component products that must also be manufactured.

    • Work Orders: In this Hibou lesson, you'll learn how Work Orders can be layered onto Manufacturing Orders to provide operations/steps, worksheets, time tracking, and labor costs.

    • Advanced Workflow: With Work Centers and Work Orders in the mix, see how everyday operations will run for different user types.

    • Lots + Serial Numbers: You learned all there is to know about lots and serial numbers in Hibou's Inventory course, but here you'll learn how they interact specifically with Manufacturing operations!

    • OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness): This video lesson breaks down the OEE calculation in Odoo, stepping through multiple operations to validate the outcomes.

    • MPS (Master Production Schedule): Learn how to forecast demand and manage just-in-time replenishment with Odoo.

    • Quality: This lesson provides an overview of Odoo's Quality app and its interactions with multiple operation types, including within Manufacturing and Inventory.

    • Accounting Consequences: Hibou rounds out the Manufacturing course with an overview of the resulting journal entries created from Manufacturing and how to handle including labor via Work Centers.

    We make learning fun and easy with Hibou, and the Manufacturing application is one of many that you'll use in your Odoo implementation. Try before you buy with our free Odoo 14 Essentials course to jumpstart your Odoo Functional Training journey!