HR Payroll Attendance

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4.95 / Month

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Hibou’s HR Payroll Attendance module falls under the Hibou Professional license + Terms and Conditions and is billed monthly, as a subscription ($4.95/month).

Here at Hibou, payroll is our specialty. We’re always looking for ways to improve and expand Odoo’s functionality. Out of that research, Hibou’s HR Payroll Attendance module was born. This module, also called “Attendance on Payslips”, allows you to easily add “Attendance Worked Days” lines to employee payslips.

To enable this module, you simply select a checkbox on the employee’s running contract. Then, the employee will enter their attendance as usual. But, payroll time is when the magic happens! When a payslip is created for your “Paid Hourly Attendance” employees, there will now be an Attendance line item on the payslip with the number of days, number of hours, and rate of pay.

It’s that simple! 

For a full walkthrough, check out the HR Payroll Attendance documentation.