Surveys: Surveys Workflow: Surveys Live Session


This document covers the live session workflow in the Surveys application of Odoo 16.


To get started, navigate to the Surveys app.

Live Session

Click on a survey you would like to begin a live session on.

This process is optional, however it allows for you to create an interactive session between you and the survey participants where you can see their answers in real-time.

So, let's start by clicking CREATE LIVE SESSION.

This will open up the session showing your survey title, the link to the survey and the number of attendees currently in your session. To pass on the survey link click  Copy and this will copy the link to your clipboard.

Click the  Right arrow to start the survey questions.

Completing the Survey in a Live Session

Once the session holder clicks the  Right arrow into a question, the participant will see the question appear on their screen with the available answer options. 

For the session holder, their view will show the question with the available answers listed across the bottom, and with a bar graph measure indicating how many participants have selected each answer.

To close the live session, click Close Live Session in the survey record. You can also use the Open Session Manager to return to the session.