Hibou Roost - Odoo: GitLab and Docker Hub Automated Builds: registry.gitlab.com/hibou-io/hibou-odoo/suite-enterprise

Odoo Enterprise with Hibou's Enterprise functionality

Private Build

Automated build that adds the entirety of Hibou's Odoo Suite - Enterprise. DockerHub ( hibou/hibou-odoo-suite-enterprise )

The GitLab implementation has finer grain controls for pipelining the whole suite together. This results in smaller image footprints overall, and they are therefore preferred.

Leverages multi-stage builds and 

Builds automatically when registry.gitlab.com/hibou-io/hibou-odoo/enterprise is built.

Builds automatically when registry.gitlab.com/hibou-io/hibou-odoo/suite is built.

The architecture of the entire pipeline is designed to keep this particular image up to date while utilizing as much cache with as few cache layers as possible.  The largest layers (Odoo core and Enterprise) change less frequently than the smaller layers (Suite and Suite Enterprise).