The Hibou Signifyd Connector
An Hibou Suite Spotlight!
13 September, 2021 by
The Hibou Signifyd Connector
Cory Speaker
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Welcome to another Hibou Suite Spotlight. This is where I focus on just one of our many Hibou Suite modules that help you and your business run more smoothly.

Today we are looking at our Signifyd Connector. If you don't already know what Signifyd is or what service they provide, you have come to right spot! Signifyd is the top online retail fraud protection company. But what does that mean? I'll let them describe it in their own words:

"Ecommerce and commerce fraud protection are a group of services offered to merchants that may include rating or scoring purchases by fraud risk to guide the merchant's order review, manual fraud review, automated processing based on rules and artificial intelligence, and liability shift, where the vendor covers any approved orders that turn out to be fraudulent. Services related to handling chargebacks, both fraudulent and others, may also be offered."

So Signifyd offers a slew of services that you can use to protect your business, and that's great! If you use Odoo to run your business however, you may be unable to use those services if using stock Odoo. Enter Hibou!

We make it easy to sign up for our modestly priced module and then walk you through step by step how to set it up on your Odoo database. The Signifyd Connector does require that you have eCommerce/Website Sale app installed also, so heads up there. Once you're subscribed to our monthly service, and you've got it setup, you are ready to test and use the connector.

The first thing you can take notice of is a new column displayed in the List view of your sale orders. This Guarantee column is a clear indication of whether or not there has been an issue on the fraud-front!

You'll also see a new Signifyd Score smart button on your Sale Orders that provides you with details related to any cases associated to the Sale Order. 

You will also see a   Approved smart button on deliveries if an order has been cleared by Signifyd, or a   On Hold button if an order's fraud check is in question. Pretty handy to have all lined out for you visually as your working are handling the transfers associated with the order. 

Hibou's Signifyd Connector is available in both Community and Enterprise flavors and works with Odoo versions 13 and 14. 

Keep your eyes here and on our Youtube channel as our team will be participating in the 2021 Odoo Experience to cover our module in greater detail. 

The Hibou Signifyd Connector
Cory Speaker
13 September, 2021
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