Hibou, Odoo, and You: Part 3!
Using Sales to Secure Success
14 July, 2021 by
Hibou, Odoo, and You: Part 3!
Cory Speaker
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In our previous articles, we have started setting up the basic building blocks to starting our small business of Hibou Roots, a landscaping company. So we have our website, and we have our CRM tool to act as a sales funnel for all of our contacts, but where do we go from here? Sales! CRM is the peanut butter to Sales' jelly. Being that quotes can be generated right from an opportunity within CRM, and that once a quotation becomes confirmed it is converted to a sale, it just makes sense that we cover that next. 

So what is there to say? We send a quote, an invoice, we do the job, and we get paid. Sure, but Odoo gives us a lot of control over all of those things, so let's take a look at them. 

It all starts with a quote, and Odoo gives us the ability to create templates for just that purpose. Want to create a template that includes several services? Simply add the products to your template and each time you need it, just select the appropriate template and you're good to go! These service-type products can be set with prices, variant options, taxes, discounts; basically, if you can think it and want it on a quotation, Odoo can make it happen. 

We also have the option to look at a customer preview before we send this quote out, to see exactly what they will see when they open the email. From within that quotation, and the right settings configured of course, the customer can add optional products to the quotation, reply to us with a message that will log in the chatter, even accept and sign, all from within that quotation, which will confirm the quote and turn it into a sale. 

We can use blocking messages to warn us against a late paying customer, or we could create special price lists to give our best customers special prices. We can also set up discounts, promotions, even have a coupon day if that's something that your business would be interested in. Take a quick look at what a breeze it is to create a Sales Order within Odoo!


Get all that? If not, no problem! We offer hands-on training to teach you to use the tools that Odoo gives us. You can schedule an appointment and set up a time in order to explain your unique business needs of ask for a quick demo of Odoo's apps. You can also visit our free Sales documentation, where we post Odoo version-specific explanations and workflows of the many components to the Sales application. If that still isn't enough, we also offer Courses!

In the next step of setting up our business, we will look at the Subscription application and how it can be used for recurring customers and services. Thanks for reading!
Hibou, Odoo, and You: Part 3!
Cory Speaker
14 July, 2021
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