Hibou, Odoo, and You: Part 2
What can CRM do for you?
7 July, 2021 by
Hibou, Odoo, and You: Part 2
Cory Speaker

We here at Hibou know how much work it can be to run a small business, and we also know how using Odoo to achieve your goals can make the process so much easier. We want to use our expertise to demonstrate how quickly Odoo can be implemented into your business, and how easy it is to manage once up and running.

In our last article, we got things started for our small landscaping company, Hibou Roots, by showing you how quick and easy it is to build a webpage. But once we set up some contact information as a way for potential clients to contact us, we knew we needed a solution to keep everything organized and running smoothly. Enter CRM, Odoo's customer relations management tool.

With this new app in our our arsenal, we now have a funnel for new contacts and job growth opportunities. Depending on our specific configurations and customizations, we can have any email sent to our business automatically become a lead, which then becomes an opportunity, and then, if we play our cards right, a new client. 

Let's jump into the CRM application, show you a few of it's features, and get us set up to start making that green! Of course I mean money, but also a beautiful lawn for our customers.


Get all that? If not, no problem! We offer hands-on training to teach you to use the tools that Odoo gives us. You can schedule an appointment and set up a time in order to explain your unique business needs of ask for a quick demo of Odoo's apps. You can also visit our free CRM documentation, where we post Odoo version-specific explanations and workflows of the many components to the CRM application. If that still isn't enough, we also offer Courses!

In the next step of setting up our business, we will look at the relation between CRM and the Sales application. Thanks for reading!

Hibou, Odoo, and You: Part 2
Cory Speaker 7 July, 2021
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