¡Buenas Noticias! Hibou Suite Modules are now in Spanish!
5 November, 2021 by
Mishael De La Cruz
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There are an estimated 580 million native Spanish speakers, making it one of the most widely spoken languages around the world. There are also over 7 million (and growing!) Odoo users globally.  While Odoo has long supported multi-lingual capabilities, we at Hibou are ready to join in and include our work to bring our expertise to Spanish speaking people everywhere.

My name is Mishael De La Cruz, a Project Manager at Hibou and I have had the honor of being able to translate our Hibou Suite Modules to Spanish. With this, we will be able to extend our modules to Spanish speakers and I am exciting to show you how to configure Spanish on your account/database to get started!

Make Spanish available in your database

So let's start by adding in the Spanish language to your database by going to your general Settings application and under the Languages section, click  Add Language.

Make sure to select Spanish / Español, then click Add.

Once you have added in your language, you can either set Spanish as the language for a specific user or your entire database.

We will go over how to do each option below.

Option 1: Setup Spanish for just your user

To set up Spanish for just the current user logged in, click on the user's profile icon, then My Profile.

This will then give you the ability to set the Language to Spanish / Español. Don't Forget to Save!

Set up Spanish for any Individual User

In the case that you want to set Spanish up for a different user other than yourself; while still in the Settings app, click Users & Companies > Users.

Select a user of your choice, then under their Preferences tab, set the Language to Spanish / Español. Don't Forget to SAVE!

Option 2: Setup Spanish for your Database

While in the Settings app, under the Languages section, click on  Manage Languages.

Select Spanish / Español, then at the top right corner, click on the  Activate and Translate smart button.

This will pull up a popup window with the correct Language already filled in, so go ahead and click Add.

If you don't see changes immediately after saving, refresh the page!

Yay! Now you can start walking around our Hibou Modules

With our database translated to Spanish, let's go ahead and take a look at our Nómina app, then go to  contratos > formularios de nómina to see our translations.

Do you have any questions or suggestions that would improve the user experience with Hibou modules? Feel free to contact us and we will see how we can better our tools for everyone!

Mishael De La Cruz
5 November, 2021
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