Hibou, Odoo, and You: Part 1
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30 June, 2021 by
Hibou, Odoo, and You: Part 1
Cory Speaker

We at Hibou pride ourselves on our client relationships, our Odoo know-how, and how to bring those things together to benefit everyone involved. We know how much work it can be to run a small business, and we also know how using Odoo to achieve your goals makes the process so much easier. We want to use our expertise to demonstrate how quickly Odoo can be implemented into your business, and how easy it is to manage once up and running. 

Let's take a look at an idea we are kicking off called Hibou Roots. It is a small landscaping business that needs the tools to build a website, manage sales and send quotes, keep track of recurring jobs, handle appointments, take care of accounting. Hibou Roots will also need a mobile component that would let employees handle business while out in the field, or more likely, out on the lawn. Odoo can do all this, and more, and we are going to show you how!

We at Hibou Roots have our employees, we've got our equipment, and we've got a job to do. We'll start with a look at website and how easy it is to build a great looking website using Odoo's out-of-the box functionality.

We are going to start by just jumping into the Website app and heading directly to our website. Odoo has given us a very basic default layout, but we are going to tailor this with ease using the built in drag-and-drop tools that lets us customize every aspect of our site, top to bottom, tip to tail.  


Get all that? If not, that's fine! We offer hands-on training to teach you to use the tools Odoo gives us. You can Schedule an appointment to set up a time in order to explain your business needs or ask for a quick demo of Odoo's apps. You can also visit our Website app documentation, where we post Odoo version-specific explanations and workflows of the many components to the Website application. If that's not enough, we also offer Courses! (Marketing & eCommerce Course coming soon!)

In the next article in setting up our business, we will look at CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and how that will lead us right into sending quotes and making sales! Thanks for reading!

Hibou, Odoo, and You: Part 1
Cory Speaker 30 June, 2021
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