The Hibou USA Payroll Module
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4 March, 2022 by
The Hibou USA Payroll Module
Cory Speaker

Like many Odoo Partners, we at Hibou spend a fair amount of time working on modules to make a user's experience be better, smoother, more efficient and cost effective. And while not every company needs Payroll functionality, it is our experience that many do. Odoo offers some great tools right out of the box in terms of their Payroll application, and we use it internally ourselves. But in addition to that app, we have also created and incorporated several modules that I would like to list here today. 

I know we bang this drum a lot, but Payroll is one of the biggest reasons that clients and customers come to Hibou. We kind of have a reputation for it. We have given talks at Odoo Experience about payroll (that can be viewed here on YouTube) and when people write to us with Payroll related questions, it is because of that reputation. Some partners, and I won't name names, simply do not want to touch payroll because it can become complex. We try to make that complexity a bit more simple to understand. 

So what have we to offer? To begin with, USA Payroll Localization. With just a few clicks, you can set an employee's state and have all the related tax information pulled into their contract. I even made a little video walking you through the process. 

We also have Commissions which is a pretty big hit for us. This little piece of documentation here can walk you through the process of configuring the module so that employees with sales based incentives and even their supervisor can get a taste of the action.

We've got an attendance module that allows you to add Attendance Worked Days lines onto payslips. We've got Date on Payslip Lines which allows you to group by date when searching for payslip lines as well as filter by Date Account for easy period reporting. 

We have quite a few that deserve more time than I have to write them all out, but each one of them can be found here for you to view at your leisure. Have even more time to learn about Payroll? Check out this blog article written by the very dev (and our founder) who wrote the code which covers our newest changes to Payroll, automatic rate updates among them. Or this blog article which breaks down the ways using Payroll can save you money when compared to other systems.  If you really want to do some homework, you can check out the other videos we have on our YouTube page. One million customers (estimated figure, likely over-estimated) can't be wrong!

The Hibou USA Payroll Module
Cory Speaker 4 March, 2022
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