More Cash Flow.

Less Cost.

Supply Chain Management lets businesses gain visibility into where their cash is flowing and make (or automate!!) decisions to lower costs and improve customer experiences.

With Hibou & Odoo, you can start transforming your company's purchase, inventory and delivery departments into streamlined success teams!

Supply Chain Management

If you are spending time emailing requests for supply levels back and forth with your suppliers, you probably wish there were modern solutions that would let your vendors peek into your inventory and just replenish you in an ongoing basis. What if instead, you had automation that would monitor your inventory and send our requests for quotation, or even purchase orders, on your behalf?  Great companies already know that software can take all of the guess work out of when and how much to purchase, but that is just the very first step in optimizing your supply chain.

Inventory Management

Easy to use inventory features for receiving and shipping. Advanced functionality like picking waves, quality checks, and lot/serial tracking. Hibou has helped lead the way in shipping and inventory management in Odoo.

Shipping with

Catch Weight

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Return Management

We wrote the book on RMA's! (so to speak, see this OXP talk from 2020) Send RMA return shipping labels to your customers with on-document communication and portal access for your customers to request returns.

Hibou RMA

Hibou Delivery

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Sale & Delivery Planner

Present delivery expectations to your customers with robust rating to optimize your sales around your available inventory. Ship inventory from the closest warehouse, and re-rate during shipping to save money.

Sale Order Planner

Delivery Planner

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Purchase Management

Keep track of your Purchase Orders with on-document communication and advanced generation. Advanced features including blanket orders, drop-shipping and call for tenders keep your suppliers on notice.

Purchase by Sale/MRP History

Purchase Exception

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Know about upcoming bills and ensure you only pay for received quantities. Accounting keeps everything together and is the foundation of any ERP. Let Hibou train, advise, and assist in closing procedures with your accountants.

Payment Disperse

Invoice Margin

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Multi-Channel Sales

Selling online? No problem! E-commerce functionality, for your growing business. Selling on Amazon? Walmart? We have you covered with robust connectors businesses rely on to scale and reach more customers.

Opencart Connector 

Walmart Connector 

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Warehouse & Inventory Management Software

Increase Efficiency

Identifying inefficiency can be a daunting task. Some people measure "clicks". Some people measure "time per operation".  Efficiency in workflows can be justified and proven by its outcomes.  If you're shipping packages, you shouldn't need to do something for every package (like choosing which scale to weigh the parcel) that could be done once at the beginning. This idea is the same in every role, for every department.  Here at Hibou, we go to bed every night dreaming of idealized workflows and processes.