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Last Update 05/05/2022
Completion Time 1 hour 28 minutes
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Odoo 14
  • Projects
    • Configuration
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    • Stages
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    • Project Settings
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    • Task Settings
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    • Planning
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    • Selling Time and Projects
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    • Reporting
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    • Workflow
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  • Certification
    • Certification: Odoo 14 Projects

Plan and Complete Projects in Odoo 14

An Hibou Academy Course

Are you ready to start using Projects in your Odoo implementation? This Hibou course has everything you need to get started, keep tasks on track, and manage Projects like a pro! Each lesson comes complete with a video, supplemental documentation, and a short quiz. 

We cover:

  • All Configuration options available within the Project application that will be at your disposal.

  • A deep-dive into Stages and how they can be used across projects and to send automatic rating requests to ensure customers are happy!

  • Each Project and Task setting, smart buttons, and how they work.

  • How to Plan resources across projects and tasks to ensure you're meeting your deadlines and expectations.

  • Are you a consultant to professional that sells your time based on an hourly rate? Do you sell projects that are invoiced at agreed upon milestones? How about pre-paid services? You'll learn how to do all of the above!

  • Various reporting options and what goes into the calculations for worked time, profitability, and more!

  • Workflows that users and managers will make use of on a day-to-day basis.

With this Projects course from Hibou, you'll have everything you need to master Projects within Odoo! Want to learn more? Check out our other Hibou Academy courses to build your Odoo knowledge.