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Often what you’re paying, or what you’re being paid, is impacted by payment terms, due dates, or even verbal agreements. These not-so-unique scenarios require manual entry and adjustments, which means more time spent...until now.

Pay multiple invoices with one Payment, and manually disperse the amount per invoice.

Hibou’s Payment Disperse module addresses these needs by expanding Odoo’s ‘Register Payment’ functionality when paying multiple bills or invoices. With this module, you can:

  • Auto-complete the payment amount with remaining balances among multiple bills/invoices.
  • Auto-complete the payment amount with total amounts due based on payment terms or a date you select during the payment process.
  • Mark an invoice as closed, even if the payment is less than what’s due. Simply select a ‘Difference Account” to account for the discrepancy.

This module is flexible and sure to save you time (and headache) in your daily bookkeeping routine. To learn more about the different options and workflows, take a look at our Payment Disperse documentation. When you’re ready, simply add it to your cart to start simplifying your workday!