Retire Your Old Ways of 401ks!
Use Hibou's 401k Module Instead!
9 September, 2022 by
Retire Your Old Ways of 401ks!
Emily Methvin

Now, I may be considered too young to be making "Back in my day" jokes, BUT I am old enough to really start planning for my future. While Hibou is an Odoo partner, we also use it for our own day to day. After all, how can we be pros if we don't know how to use it? So we've developed a 401k module to be used with this wonderful ERP to help its state-side users get their retirement contributions set up the way they want.

For example, my totally real RPG store, Little Shop of Tabletop, hired a new employee a few months ago. We are super excited to bring her into the fold and can't wait to see what she makes for us in the forge! Now, Daniela Draconic wants to set a bit of that paycheck aside for her Golden Years! I'm first going to head into my Employee application and open up All Contracts. Here we see myself and our new friend, Daniela! As you can see, Daniela's salary has already been set up.

If we select her card from the kanban view, we will be able to switch from the Contract Details to the Salary Information tab! Now that the Hibou 401k module has been installed in our system the 401k section will appear below the wage type!

Depending on her preferences, and whether or not this is a Roth 401k (options also available), we can set this up to withhold a flat amount...

...or a percentage of her paychecks. Either way, her retirement savings will grow and she will be able to one day live the life of relaxation!

Then you save and that's all it takes! If you need a hand with your Odoo implementation and want to also check out our modules, let us know!

Retire Your Old Ways of 401ks!
Emily Methvin 9 September, 2022
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