The Hibou Commissions Module
An Hibou Suite Spotlight
6 September, 2021 by
The Hibou Commissions Module
Cory Speaker
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Hibou has created dozens of modules that we collectively call Hibou Odoo Suite. Allow me to take a moment to highlight some of these super-useful modules we know many Odoo users will find useful. We'll start by looking at our Commissions module. 

Generally, commissions are a pain for both accounting personnel and sales managers alike. Many people manually update spreadsheets to coincide with invoices as sales are made, or as payments come in. That can be a real headache to keep organized, paid out to the employees that earn them, and entered by the accountants. Pain no more!

Our Hibou Commissions module for Odoo allows you to set a percentage amount per employee contract, as well as an Admin Commission percentage if the commissions flow upstream. It also lets you determine if you would like commissions to be confirmed when invoices are created, or once the invoices are paid. Another "set it and forget it" tool that is sure to make things easier on your commission-based sales employees. 

Things are made easier still when used in addition to the Hibou USA Payroll module as commissions are directly input on payslips with no intervention beyond the initial configuration. 

For a look at this in motion, check out Hibou President and Lead Developer, Jared Kipe, as he demonstrates the module at the 2019 Odoo Experience:


Hibou Commissions and Hibou USA Payroll are available in both Community and Enterprise flavors and works with Odoo versions 12 through 14.

The Hibou Commissions Module
Cory Speaker
6 September, 2021
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