Serving Up Success: Part 6!
Planning For Progress!
1 October, 2021 by
Serving Up Success: Part 6!
Cory Speaker
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Welcome to the last entry in our short series here where we have been looking at several of Odoo's applications that will make a setting up and running a small food industry business a breeze. 

If you wanted to catch up really quick, we have looked at Point of Sale, Purchase, Manufacturing, Inventory, and Accounting. This week, we'll wrap it up by looking at the Planning Application, as well as a quick glance at how easy it is for our team to use Attendance.

Planning is where we will go to write our schedule. We can't be efficient if we don't know who is working what shift and when, so Planning will make this process easy and quick. 

Before we begin, we should look at the configuration menu and set some things up for future use. It has been said that an hour of planning can save us 10 hours of doing, so we will do just that! We can start by configuring roles and assigning each a color so that when the employees look at their schedule, their shift are easily visible at a quick glance. Most roles are set up as a position within a job, but we could go so far as to set each employee as their own role, so that each employee has a different color to pinpoint on the schedule.

Next, we can configure some shift templates. A small company like hours, we do operate on limited hours of operation which makes shift  assignments fairly simple and straightforward. If we open at 8, we would need a host and server ready when our doors open. Our chef on the other hand comes in a bit earlier to start preparing the days "fresh-daily" menu items. So we can set up a shift that is 6-2, and others that are 8-4 and 10-6. 

So we've got our roles, we've got our shifts, now it is time to schedule. 


Get all that? If not, no problem! We offer hands-on training to teach you to use the tools that Odoo gives us. You can schedule an appointment and set up a time to explain your unique business needs or ask for a quick demo of Odoo's apps. We also have Scheduling resources in our ever-growing library of documentation, where we post Odoo version-specific explanations and workflows of the many components to many Odoo applications. If that still isn't enough, we also offer Courses!

This is going to conclude our look at setting up our cozy little food industry company, Hibou Eats. If you have a suggestion for a future set of articles to cover a specific business, feel free to drop us a line on LinkedInFacebook, or Twitter, and keep your eyes here and on our Youtube channel as our team will be participating in the 2021 Odoo Experience where both of our owners will be presenting 2 of our Hibou Suite modules.  We hope to see you there!
Serving Up Success: Part 6!
Cory Speaker
1 October, 2021
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