Living the Hibou Suite Life
What Hibou Suite Modules are right for you?
26 September, 2022 by
Living the Hibou Suite Life
Emily Methvin

We often sing the praises of Odoo and how it suits the needs of many! Hibou, however, has created quite a few extension modules. I want to highlight a few that can further the functionality of all the applications you may use most of all, namely Sales and Inventory! We've created modules for Commissions, PAX, and a couple for planning Sale Orders and Stock Delivery.

Our Commission module is best suited for work forces driven by accomplishments such as large sales or landing contracts. To the victor belong the spoils! It removes the hassle of updating spreadsheets and modifying percentages by allowing Payroll gurus to list a percentage directly to a sale or sales person's contract. Sales teams will also be able to see the draft, confirmed and previous commissions they've received.

For those who want to utilize the PAX terminals, we have our PoS PAX Integration Module to directly link it to your PoS application. We can also get those terminals set up for you! Once they're complete, we ship them to you and offer a set up guide on our website. With these handy little machines, you can accept payments with cards and track those sales in Odoo!

The Sale Order Planner lets you plan the expected delivery dates based on the product availability. So say a customer wishes to purchase an item from your shop, but your restock isn't scheduled to arrive until the following Monday. This module takes that into account so you can better estimate the product's time of delivery to the customer!

Our Stock Delivery Planner pairs well with the Sale Order Planner. It takes into consideration all of your shipping connectors and helps to plan the quickest or most affordable form of delivery to your client! When a delivery is planned, a modal window appears to offer all the available options. It takes into account each shipping provider's working calendar.

All of these modules further your Odoo functionality and are available as monthly subscriptions. Check out our shop for more of our handiwork and enjoy straightforward workflows that'll make your team and your customers happy! Should you need assistance with your Odoo implementation, Hibou is here to help! Contact us via the form below.

Living the Hibou Suite Life
Emily Methvin 26 September, 2022
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